Raptor E820-Thunder Tiger

Monster 3D Powerhouse!
Thunder Tiger didn't design the E820 for beginners; in the hands of an experienced pilot, however, it is a thing of beauty. Impressive power drives the performance of this heli, allowing pilots to go from break-neck 3D stunts to straight-line flight instantly. Steel shafts and working parts give the Raptor durability while its carbon fiber frame makes it light. When you've flown a few helis and you're ready to take your performance up a few dozen notches, build the E820 and wow the crowds with the elegant, agile and aggressive E820.

PC Canopy
Latest fiberglass canopy design w/sleek scheme

Main Shaft
A hollow steel 15 mm main shaft provides impressive durability for its weight.

Side Frame
2mm aerospace grade true carbon side frame

Bearing Blocks
Lightened metal main shaft bearing blocks

Calibration System
A quick calibration system allows you to customize the performance of your E820 right on the field!


Bearing Block
Adjustable one-piece U type pinion bearing block

Tail case
The tail rotor case is made from tough, light-weight machined aluminum.

Sleek fiberglass canopy
• Reinforced rotor grip plate
• Carbon fiber tail boom support
• Quick calibration system
• Lightened metal main shaft bearing blocks
• Hollow steel 15 mm main shaft
• 2 mm aerospace grade carbon side frame

• Thick helical main gear 111T
• Rigid one-piece machined aluminum tail case
• Heavy-duty tail rotor system
• 8 mm torque-tube driven helical bevel tail gear
• Quick-release battery tray for two 7-cell LiPo batteries
• Adjustable one-piece U-type pinion bearing block w/motor mount
• Adjustable metal rudder servo mount for precise tail control
• Low CG landing skids
• One-piece metal tail boom support bracket
• Lengthened FBL rotor grip post
• All metal servo horns and control arms



Full Length of Fuselage(mm / in.) 1490 mm / 58.66"   Tail Rotor Dia(mm / in.) 300 mm / 11.8"
Full Width of Fuselage(mm / in.) 221mm / 8.7"   Gear Ratio 10.09(11T) : 1 : 4.67 /
9.25(12T) : 1 : 4.67
Total Height(mm / in.) 432 mm / 17.0"  
Main Rotor Dia(mm / in.) 1809 mm / 71.2"   Full Equipped Weight(g/ lbs.)

3670 g / 129.5 oz

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